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Meals on Wheels

The purpose of the Meals on Wheels program is to provide warm, 向联盟中被关在家中或身体无法获取食物或自己准备食物的人提供营养膳食. Therapeutic meals are also offered, with dietary needs followed as per your primary care provider's instructions.

Box Butte General Hospital's Dietary Department provides a rotation menu, repeating the meal plan every 10 days. Meals are delivered by community volunteers or hospital employees, if needed, 为了帮助控制成本,使尽可能多的符合条件的居民负担得起这个计划. 如果收件人有兴趣接收由卫生和人类服务部支付的送餐,收件人必须首先 complete an application for the Social Services for the Aged and Disabled Program. This may be done by contacting Access Nebraska at 1-800-383-4278, by going to a local office, or by going online to to complete an application. Once an application is obtained a worker will contact the recipient to determine eligibility. If it is determined that the applicant is indeed eligible, authorizations will then be created for the recipient to start receiving delivered meals. 

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call BBGH's Dietary Department at 308.762.4357 Ext. 3360. We are pleased to provide meals to people meeting the criteria.

Meals on Wheels Volunteers

Volunteers are always welcome to help deliver meals to residents participating in the program. Here is what to expect as a volunteer:

Meals are ready for pick up at the BBGH kitchen at 11 a.m., with the easiest access being the main entrance. Dietary Staff will have the meals in a cooler and another tray of cold items loaded, both onto a cart, which the volunteer will wheel to his or her car. After loading the vehicle, the cart is left to the side, away from the entrance. When the volunteer returns from their deliveries, they are asked return the cart, cooler and tray to the kitchen.

Please contact  308.762.4357 Ext. 3360咨询如何为需要这项服务的居民提供温暖、营养的膳食.