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Emergency Department

Box Butte General Hospital's nurses are trained in advanced life support and trauma nurse core curriculum. The emergency department is staffed 24 hours a day by a health care provider and registered nurse. 卫生保健提供者24/7随叫随到,实验室和放射人员也是如此.

BBGH has one of the highest number of Certified Emergency Nurses (CEN) nurses in Nebraska's Critical Access Hospitals, with ten CENs on staff. Emergency nurses with the CEN designation have achieved and maintained a credential which assures patients and colleagues that they have the knowledge necessary to provide quality emergency care.

The entrance to the Emergency Department for private transport patients is located through the entrance located on the west side of the hospital.

Emergent conditions that require immediate treatment in the emergency department include the following:

  • Chest pain
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Uncontrolled bleeding


  • 花点时间建立你自己(和你的家庭)的关系, (如适用)作为当地医疗保健提供者的患者. 当地的医疗服务提供者可以最有效地满足您的医疗保健需求.
  • 在门诊时间,打电话给你的医疗保健提供者的诊所非紧急医疗保健需求.
  • 呼叫或报告急诊部门的所有紧急情况,或拨打911,如果需要.
  • 在你的钱包或钱包里放一张最新的药物清单,并随身携带.
  • 在你的钱包或钱包里放一份你最近和过去的医疗状况的准确记录.


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