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Box Butte General Hospital Rehab and Wellness Center's Most Value-able Player recognition

BBGH Rehab and Wellness Center launches the BBGH Most Value-able Player program in 2019. 每周,联盟高中和海明福德高中的一名学生运动员都会被选为当周的MVP, featured on the BBGH Facebook page, and receive a t-shirt. The staff of BBGH is committed to the values of Safety, Excellence, Compassion, Integrity, Devotion, and Teamwork every day. BBGH努力在IM电竞App官网的社区中推广这些价值观,并认识到他人的价值观,从而扩大了IM电竞App官网不断努力实现伟大的信息.

What is a Most Value-able Player? Our definition is the player that lives the following values:


EXCELLENCE: Exceeding the expected, striving for greatness

COMPASSION: Demonstrating kindness, understanding, and a willingness to help others

INTEGRITY: Doing the right thing for you, your team, and your community

DEVOTION: Commitment to the game, the team, and the sport

TEAMWORK:  Working with your team to achieve greatness

Recognizing contributions during the game, at the event, or off the court allows students to strive for greatness. You might be familiar with the story of Rudy, the football player with big dreams. It wasn’t his skill that made him exceptional; it was his drive, his courage, and his unwillingness to stop. He lived the values of Notre Dame football. Those same students roam our hallways, play on our teams, and give their best even if they never get off the bench. 他们每天都奉行安全、卓越、同情、正直、奉献和团队合作的价值观.